Washington Township

211 Route 31 North

Washington, NJ  07882

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Recreational areas for all ages.

Approved Minutes from previous meetings

Board Members

  Term Expires 
 John Bigalow 12/31/2021
 Tim Henderson - Vice Chairman 12/31/2025
 Steve Fritts 12/31/2023
 Scott Soletto 12/31/2024
 Darlene Schott 12/31/2022
 Ron Sizemore 12/31/2021
 Lloyd Tiger, Chairman 12/31/2022
 Alternate 1 -  Dick Flint 12/31/2021
 Alternate 2 - Angela Sodtalbers 12/31/2021
 Ann Kilduff - Coordinator
 John Ferri - Field Scheduler  
 Matthew Davis - Passive Area                                        Coordinator  


In October 1992, Ordinance Resolution No. 92-12 was created to establish a Board of Recreation Commissioners to consist of seven members and two alternates to:

  • Promote recreation for residents of all ages, … and to work with … independent organizations … in promoting such recreational activities
  • Provide and maintain existing lands and facilities for recreation… and to provide for possible acquisition and maintenance of lands and facilities in the future
  • Acquire lands for playgrounds and recreation places by gifts or purchase
  • Have full control over all land, playgrounds and recreation places acquired
If interested in volunteering to help create or maintain recreation areas in the Township, please complete a Recreation Volunteering and Application. Volunteering is fun and a great way to meet new friends.

Click links below to access forms to request use of athletic fields and facilities:

Request Use of Athletic Fields and Facilities

Request to Use Pavilion at Meadow Breeze Park

meadow breeze park sign

Click here to see a map of Meadow Breeze Park

meadowbreeze park new lo

pravillion at park

Pavilion at Meadow Breeze Park